Feb. 21st, 2015

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Hey all -- check out the jewellery sale at http://elisem.livejournal.com/1869278.html.

I've purchased a lot of small pieces from Elise over the last few years -- mostly earrings, a few pendants, some for myself, some as gifts. My chrysoprase and aquamarine pendant, "Academy of Planets Entrance Exam," is one I don't wear often, but it is special to me, and reminds me of a summer evening in the park, baking bread and talking about the early theologian Ireneaus (which I guess you have to take on trust is a good thing). Chrysoprase and aquamarine are both stones I love; I used to have a piece of aquamarine which was my comfort object, and I lost it when my purse was stolen, so this pendant fills that place a little bit.

The "Dragonfly Revealed" earrings are incredibly sparky -- I gave them to a friend, and I recall sitting in the pews on evening seeing her in the choir wearing them, and these amazing rays of blue lights flashing around her in the setting sun.

Also important to me -- two small unnamed pendant crosses, one green, one green with red. For various reasons, I don't have many opportunities to wear nice jewellery, but these are things I can wear every day at work (and almost do -- I have just about four pendant crosses in regular rotation, those two, a tiny silver inlaid one I bought in Madrid, and a black wood with gold).

Have a look at the sale and see which ones are going to speak to you ...


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