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I've been dashing around all day & am exhausted, this won't be very comprehensive. I have reached the "whatever, I don't care anymore" point of nutritional deprivation where food just stops being interesting. (Again, issue is not quantity nearly as much as quality). I had dinner at the community meal program at St John's Weston (this is within the rules, as church meal programs are how many food bank users stretch their resources out), but the only protein was ham, so I had no protein. However, the scalloped potatoes were much tastier than anything else I've eaten all week, and I also got some pickles, which were as processed and artificial as everything else, but at least tasted of *something* (as opposed to lunch, which was white rice and tinned peas). But I feel oddly indifferent to the whole thing. Bill tried to taunt me tonight by showing me pictures of food on his iPhone, but I didn't much care.

Trying to socialize without spending even small amounts of money: sitting in the buttery with A as she drank cold coffee from a thermos and I scrounged some hot water for my tea-bag. Other divinity students going off to Starbucks after the postulancy working group, and me not. Drinking a glass of tap water while sitting with Bill in Java House. It is of course weirdly artificial, because if I really had no money Bill would very cheerfully buy me a drink or a snack or a meal. But if I really had no money I'd be much more reluctant to accept such an offer.

Remaining food supplies: some leftover two-day-old KD; about half a loaf of white bread, now several days past its use-by date; two packets of instant oatmeal; a small amount of milk. I could get through another full day if I ate at my own community meal program tomorrow night (where I could get fruit and a good amount of protein), and in fact, because we usually have lots of food, I could probably take away enough for Saturday lunch (many guests do). I won't actually do that, since it'd be taking food away from my guests who really need it, but that would be the outside extent of how far I could manage.

I have to start knocking back the dried fruit as soon as I'm off this diet, because among other things I am (TMI alert) horribly constipated. Which is hardly surprising, the instant oatmeal is pretty much the only thing I have that contains any fibre at all.

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Date: 2010-10-08 08:07 am (UTC)
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I've lived on that diet for months at a time because I had to. After a while you get to the point you don't cope with good quality food and reject it.

Eventually I turned into a foodie when I had the money.


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