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Man. I feel totally crappy, in a way I'm not at all accustomed to. I know all about feeling overworked and underslept and stressed, but I'm really not used to piling bad nutrition on top of that, because whatever the other conditions of my life, I get a fair bit of nutrient-dense good food. I feel heavy and sluggish and slightly breathless. I desperately want fruit and fresh vegetables, and I desperately want to eat something with some flavour. (Interestingly, at first I was fantasizing more about cheese and nuts and tofu, but now it's more about tomatoes and apples and salad, and things with tasty sauces.)

I couldn't finish my Kraft Dinner at lunch. I ate enough to plug up the hole in my stomach and then realized that however hungry I still was, I could not eat another mouthful of that crap. Maybe I'll try mixing the last of my onion with the remaining KD, on the grounds that it needs the help more than rice does. I don't know if that will make it edible or not.

I did an interview with someone from the college magazine today, in which I had to tread the delicate line between stressing what an inadequate and in fact socially harmful diet this is, without making it sound like I myself am actually suffering in any serious way. "It must be a horrible experience for you!" she said, and sure, in a transient way it's very unpleasant, but I'm doing this because I *chose to*, and it's for a very limited time, and I'm going into it well-nourished and can be well-nourished again afterwards.

NOTE: mental alertness impaired enough that I posted this before it was actually finished. I may write more later. But just to note that I've decided to make this and other food bank diet posts public, since public education is part of what I'm supposed to be doing here ...
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