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... a smart, articulate fanfic writer who doesn't mind going public as a fanfic writer, and who is in the Toronto area or can get there on by her/himself.

ETA: FOUND! Thank you, mighty force of LJ!
Here's the details: the literary festival I work for is working with the them of "copyright, collaboration and appropriation" this year, and we're doing a major keynote panel looking at the different ways that people appropriate or work collaboratively with source texts. And, obviously, fanfic is one of those ways. This is a real opportunity to talk about fanfic in a mixed crowd of writers and academics, not to defend it, but just to explore it as one of a multitude of ways that writers engage with source texts.

Our tiny travel budget for the festival is, however, already exhausted. Most of the fanfic writers I know are in the US, and others have professional reasons for not wanting to "come out" as fic-writers in this context. Neither I nor the panel organizer, though, feel quite right about leaving fanfic out (and it'd be bad for me to be on the panel because I'm also the festival's associate director, not to mention I'm only a fanfic consumer, not a producer. I am going to do a little late-night workshop on fanfic, but I can't really do the panel).

If anyone has any ideas, you can reply here, or you can write to me at maggie AT thescream DOT ca; and please do forward this message anywhere that seems relevant.

ETA: to clarify (thanks,
[personal profile] cofax7), I'd be fine with someone using only a screen-name or pseudonym, rather than their legal name. But it does involve appearing in front of an open audience which could include people who'd recognize you in RL, so if you don't want your RL name associated with your fic, you'd have to take that into account.


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