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I was too busy to write about the last day of my food bank hamper diet, but I spent the whole day terrifically aware of my lack of energy and a vaguely toxic feeling in my body. Dragging myself through every movement, though (it being a Friday) I had to be on the go from early on to get my meal program going. But I had also so largely lost interest in food that being surrounded by food wasn't particularly problematic.

Microwaved leftover KD for lunch, with instant oatmeal for dessert. All I had left after that was half a loaf of white bread, and, as noted in my last entry, I decided that this was the time to stop, the point having been made as far as it ever would be. As it happened, a friend was in town for the day with his new boyfriend, whom he wanted me to meet, so after the clean-up was finished, the three of us went out for a meal at a Nepalese restaurant, and I had a decent hit of protein and tasty sauce (and about four glasses of water, which for some reason I seemed to need badly). Went home and ate an orange and a pear and some dried figs, went to bed and slept better than I had for days, got up in the morning and took my vitamin. By the time I was out and about to meet A for Thanksgiving shopping, my mood and energy levels had careered upwards in a truly impressive fashion. It was like turning on a light switch. I could connect thoughts up properly and didn't feel breathless all the time.

Proper nutrition for the win. As noted by many others, this is why, much as one supports food banks and their efforts to meet very real need, it would be so much better if people had the money to buy decent food for themselves.

A is still hanging on with the diet until tonight (because she is like that and was inevitably going to be the very last person to stop) and claims not to feel any particular effects. But she was pale and slow-moving and edgy all day. Interesting that she seemed not to realize this, or possibly just didn't want to admit it. Which is also not an unusual part of nutritional deprivation ...
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