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I don't suppose there's anyone reading this who doesn't already have all the Dreamwidth invite codes they want, but I have seven more if anyone wants one. Just write to me if you do.
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Hmmm. It is a little disappointing that, when I have a chance to read a couple of non-school books for the first time in ages, I end up with one very poor murder mystery, and one beautifully written litfic novel which is absolutely packed with racefail, genderfail, agefail, and stereotyping of internet users ...

But at any rate, it gives me a chance to warn y'all away from Richard Powers' Generosity, in which a mysteriously fascinating young Algerian woman attracts the fetishistic attention of all who encounter her, finally serving the all-important purpose of getting two middle-aged white academics into bed with each other on account of they both really want to sleep with her, and eventually flees back to Algeria to be Truly Happy With Her People, leaving all the white folks Sadder But Wiser.

Along the way, it may astonish you to learn that Kids These Days, they don't use proper grammar and spelling! and are only interested in cheap entertainment! and understand neither art nor morality (although now and then you see a kind of alt-reality peeking through the narrative, in which the young woman's age peers are actually the only people who treat her like a human being).

And yeah, there are interesting musings on genetics and temperament, but the whole construction of personality thing was much better handled in his last novel, without all the fetishing.

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So, I have a fridge at the church which is supposed to be just for my meal program, but people have a habit of sticking leftovers in there, and also sometimes things which are for other church events, and they never label them, and eventually I realize that I have -- oh, let's say -- 4 litres of milk past its use-by date taking up space in my fridge. This was last week's discovery, and was made into ricotta-type cheese at home in the end.

Today's discovery was three and a half tubs of past-date sour cream. This I'm figuring is probably best used in baked goods. But I don't bake very often, so I have no stock of recipes.

So ... give me recipes for sour cream things! Cookies, muffins, cake, whatever. Easy is good, and basic ingredients that I'm likely to have on hand also good.

I cannot promise to send you a share by mail, but I could maybe send you a picture?

Thank you in advance, all-knowing internets ...
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In spam today:


I dunno. There's something about this which cheers me up a bit.
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So ... if I were going to try to pursue doing some sort of martial arts class, anyone got ideas about which specific kind might work best for me?

And, Toronto people specifically (I know there aren't many on here), any ideas of good places? Ideally near the university, but near Bathurst and Queen might also work.
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"I'm going to the drugstore. Don't let the cat attack the thurible while I'm out."
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hey folks, help me out -- I'm trying to think of a good film to show for a bit of a movie night for the div class during orientation week. Nothing pious or overly improving! But some kind of theological or ethical content could be good, either that or religious satire. (But we showed the entire run of Father Ted during Lent last year, so we can't do that again.)

Let me know!
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Okay, I am pretty sure that someone on the flist ([personal profile] tree_and_leaf? [profile] angevin2?) posted some incredibly scary pictures of statues of twentieth-century "saints", all weirdly toned and zombie-like -- "I am Martin Luther King, and I've come to eat your braaaains!" kind of thing. And I wanted to send the pictures to some friends, but now I can't find them.

Am I confused, and this was maybe on Ship of Fools instead?

If any of you remember posting such photos (or, in fact, seeing them), do let me know ...
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Today in spam:

"Massage your way into an exciting career!"

I bet.
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Happy birthday [personal profile] tree_and_leaf!

This is a good day for birthdays, one of my best friends in RL has her birthday today also.
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... and on behalf of my dear old dad, who has just been appointed to the Order of Canada. (Along with, among others, Stan Bevington, the founder and still guiding spirit of Coach House Press).

Sure, I have some issues with nationalist honours. But I'm still very proud of my dad.
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I left the hospital early last night, because no matter what room I went to, the only thing anyone could say was, "Did you hear that Michael Jackson died?", and it didn't seem like a chaplain was really necessary for that conversation. When you're in step-down with people just coming out of surgery, and the only thing they can say to you is, "Did you hear that Michael Jackson died?", you know the situation is just going in a particular direction and there's nothing you can do.

(Yes, in a textbook world this would open the door to all sorts of discussions about death and grief, but in the real world it just opens the door to discussions about Thriller and how his kids may have been conceived. And I'm just not the person you want for that.)
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If you are on Twitter, consider changing your location and time-zone to Tehran today. Iranian police are now arresting Twitter-users, and creating a protective fog of Twitter accounts by relocating yourself to Tehran may help to safeguard the dissidents (and indeed, apolitical Twitter users who may get swept up as well).

Possibly using a proxy would help to confuse the police further, as it would make it harder to determine whether you are or are not actually in Tehran, and who you are.

I am not on Twitter myself, but I know some of you are, so I thought I would spread the word. It's a small action, but could be constructive.
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I am sad that there will be no more Allan King films ever.

Requiescat in pace. He did good work.
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If people feel moved to donate money in memory of Dr George Tiller:

Planned Parenthood

Medical Students for Choice

There are some other good organizations as well.

I don't think this is something that is of concern to US residents only.
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"Your watch will obey you like a good child."

Leaving aside the understanding of what constitutes a "good child," I had never thought that the plague of disobedient watches was really a great problem of the modern world. Always something new to learn.
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"A new copier lets you be fruitful and multiply"

Umm ...
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Has anyone else recently been LJ-friended by "someone" who appears to be a spam feed?